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"Music lets you express feelings you can't describe with words"

Born on the 2nd of June in 1997 DJ Blaze aka Andre Büssow directly found his way to music. Always beeing a bit different than others by already listening to rap at the age of 8 Andre always wanted to be different in general. Whilst others wanted to dance at parties Andre enjoyed it more to play the music at such parties than just dancing to it. At the age of 16 he began djing at smaller parties & birthdays. His first rather big event then happened in July 2014 when he played Vorfiz @ LGL Lampertheim for the first time. Because of good resonances after that DJ Blaze was booked for even more events and also returned in 2016 for the second edition of Vorfiz @ LGL Lampertheim. While playing at such events he wanted to start out making his own music and by that started to publish mashups & edits which by now got support by artists like Levito, Jey Aux Platines & Overused. But after a while making mashups wasn't enough anymore so in Winter 2015 he began producing original music and has set a straight goal for 2016: Releasing at least one track on a label. So be on the watch out because there is much to expect from him.

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